In My Book® Bookmark/Greeting Cards  *  Click on a card to order

An In My Book« card is a greeting card + envelope that perforates to become a sturdy bookmark; they clearly belong together.

So do away with those random bits of paper and get yourself some real bookmarks. ...some IN MY BOOK« cards. You (and your friends) will be very glad you did!

IN MY BOOK® cards are printed on heavy-duty watercolor paper and feature wonderful drawings by book illustrator Meredith Hamilton. They are sold complete with a red envelope for mailing. The cards recycle from greeting card to bookmark (they perforate), and as such are a long-lasting reminder of the giver for friends, students, teachers, librarians, professors, authors, editors, publishers, colleagues, loved ones, co-workers, book group members, just about anybody! Eighteen styles begin with the greeting "In my book..." and conclude with such sentiments as "you're a winner", "you're the last word" and "you're top shelf". The double-entendres (example: "in my book... you're in between the covers") is only one more example of one card doing two jobs.

The cards have been acclaimed in the press: Publishers Weekly calls them "sentimental greetings that make endearing gift enclosures"; and the New Yorker Book Bench says: "Cute dedications, sweet illustrations.´┐Ż Wide enough for a short note, they fit comfortably inside a paperback, a picture of an open book just peeking out from the top." To see all of the styles and how the cards work, please feel free to peruse our website and enjoy your visit!

* Garrison Keillor