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Libraries & FOLs

Our cards are available at the Library of Congress Shop in Washington, DC.  
Shouldn't your library have them too?

Thank goodness for friends at a time like this. That's friends, and "Friends", groups of volunteers (Friends of the Library, or FOL) who love their local libraries and support them by volunteering and donating their time and money.

If you have a Friends group at your local library, that's a sure sign that your community cares enough to make a commitment to literacy and the availability of information. If your library doesn't have a Friends group, perhaps you could start one! All it takes is the desire to keep these vital facilities open and available to patrons of all ages.

If you're not currently involved at your local library, and would like to be, stop by or call them and inquire about Friends. For more information on Friends groups, and some great ideas on how to create groups and operate them, contact the FOLUSA (Friends of the Libraries U.S.A.), which in 2009 became  ALTAFF (The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations), a division of the American Library Association.

If your library has a library store or booksale, a FOL or Friends of The Library group or board of trustees, or is selling book-related merchandise at the circulation desk, you are welcome to resell our cards. Likewise, the cards make a wonderful recognition of the important work done by volunteers.  Benefit your library while selling the "the greeting card and bookmark in one!".

Libraries, please visit our wholesale shop. You must register and be approved to sell our cards wholesale, but there is never an obligation to buy. Once you register, you will see our wholesale prices and be able to purchase cards for resale. Museums and historical societies too are welcome to register in our wholesale shop. Click on this text to go to the Wholesale Shop.